1. How does the connection with CASAMUNDO work?

There are different ways to carry out the integration of your offer into our system. We will gladly find a convenient solution in accordance with your technical capabilities. Not only do we have an interface with virtually all common booking systems, we can also offer a connection with our very own interface. For further information feel free to contact us.

2. Are bookings with CASAMUNDO binding or only requests?

Both direct real-time bookings and booking requests are possible within our services. Experience shows however that our clients prefer accommodation they can book immediately.

3. How are the bookings processed?

In any case we send our clients a booking confirmation as soon as they executed their reservation.

Thereupon you should send the customer a final confirmation and their invoice as soon as possible. Please inform us promptly if for some reason a booking cannot be processed (due to duplicate bookings for instance).

4. Who is responsible for the debt collection?

The entire collection procedure is your responsibility. Of course you chose which type of payment you offer the guests. Furthermore it is also your decision whether the clients are required to effect a prepayment and when the final payment is due.

5. Which terms and conditions are applied?

All performed bookings underlie exclusively your individual terms and conditions including your payment and cancellation policies. CASAMUNDO’s terms and conditions concern nothing more than the actual mediation of bookings. The rental contract solely involves you (respectively the landlord) and the tenant.

6. What must I consider when writing a property description?

First of all the description of your property should comprise all relevant data that may concern the customer. This includes accurate information about the location and furnishing of the accommodation. The more information you add about your holiday home or apartment, the better the potential guest is informed. Please also note that the more high quality pictures you have, the better. These should include pictures from the exterior as well as photos of each room. If you please you can also add pictures of the accommodation’s surroundings.

7. Is it possible to only add a few properties to CASAMUNDO as a test?

CASAMUNDO currently offers its users over 300,000 holiday rentals all over Europe and the USA. The more accommodation you offer on our site, the higher our chances are of generating bookings jointly.

8. Are there any fixed costs?

No. For every successful booking CASAMUNDO will charge a fair commission which we will have agreed upon beforehand - That’s it. Apart from the commission you will not face any hidden fixed costs such as basic fees or license fees. You literally pay for mediated bookings only.

9. Who is my contact person at CASAMUNDO?

If you are interested in co-operating with CASAMUNDO, please use our contact form. We will get back to as soon as we can with responses to your questions and proposals.

As for inquiries concerning existing reservations, our customer support is available from Monday to Friday, 08:30 to 17:00.

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